We are committed and responsible to achieve Quality Objective. The adherence to the commitments is aimed to: "Deliver the project safely within schedule, within budget and conformity of processes/product, comply with technical specifications and enhancement of COMPANY satisfaction."

To achieve the objective, we demonstrate mutual commitment to quality through:

  • GUNANUSA, Business partner, Subcontractor and Vendor involved in the Execution of Project shall have same commitment in the implementation of the Quality Management System to achieve the best quality requirements.
  • Developing the Project Quality Management System with a risk-based approach where the efforts are focusing on the critical aspect of the organization process in giving assurance to our customer, starting from Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning up to the completion of the Project Contractual Scope of Work.
  • Each personnel directly or indirectly involved in the Project contributes to the implementation of Project Quality Management System (PEP, PQP, ITP, Procedures, etc) in their respective working area.

The Project Quality Objective is achieving on time delivery within budget, conformity of processes/product and enhancement of COMPANY satisfaction. On time delivery means that the project shall achieve the dates as stated in the contract. Should actual planned progress slip by more than 4.5% against the late curve, then a recovery plan shall be implemented and issued to COMPANY for review and approval.

We have commitment produce products that are exactly comply with client's requirements and specifications according to Internal and National Standard.

PT. Gunanusa Utama Fabricators implement Quality Management System (ISO 9001) since 10th December 1999 and now established and applied the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is applicable to: Engineering, procurement, construction, and installation of industrial, oil and gas facilities for offshore and onshore, material handling units, pressure vessels and boilers and it was certified by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). Approval Cert No: ISO 9001 - 0044954 (JKT0403218)